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A creative, personalised curriculum

Our curriculum recognises that all learners are individual.  We have recently implemented a new skills-based, thematic curriculum model in Key Stage 3 (Curriculum 2012).  Our Key Stage Four and Sixth Form Pathways allow learners to develop according to their learning styles and aspirations.

Sport / Chwaraeon

The school has two newly refurbished gymnasiums, a state-of-the-art fitness suite,  a heated swimming pool, and large playing fields for rugby and football. We also make use of the University Sports Hall for GCSE P.E. and extra curricular sport and Sketty Lane Playing Field for cricket and athletics. All pupils in Years 7 – 11 have a double lesson per week taking part in the following activities:-
In addition, pupils in Years 10, 11, 12, 13 also have use of the multi-gym.  We regularly run over 36 school teams in a variety of sports.


Performing Arts / Celfyddydau Perfformio

Drama, both as an academic discipline and extra curricular activity, plays an important part in the lives of an ever increasing number of students and pupils at Bishop Gore. There are a range of opportunities in which students can become involved including a Drama Club, school productions (Autumn term and Summer term), and opportunities through the community and outside agencies. There are Senior and Junior Drama Companies running in school. The department has the use of three dedicated studios and the Great Hall. Music plays an important part in the life of the school and encourages participation from all music enthusiasts, regardless of ability. Extra curricular activities include junior and senior choirs (currently about 100 students), an orchestra, woodwind and string ensembles, a Baroque ensemble and key-board and piano clubs. Rehearsals generally take place during lunchtimes and after school, and there are plenty of opportunities for performance both in school and the local community. Peripatetic tutors come into school to teach a range of orchestral instruments including upper and lower strings, woodwind, brass and percussion. Guitar, drum kit and singing lessons are also available.


Welsh / Cymraeg

The primary language of work and instruction throughout the school is English. However, we are proud of our Welsh culture and seek to recognise this in as many ways as possible, for example in various assemblies and the St. David’s Day Eisteddfod.

Religious Studies / Astudiaethau Crefyddol

Religious Studies at Bishop Gore is taught in accordance with the Swansea Agreed Syllabus. At Bishop Gore, we not only study the more traditional religions such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism, but also explore some of the newer movements that are becoming more popular in contemporary society.


ICT is delivered as a taught, discrete subject across all Years 7 – 13. Much emphasis is placed on the use of ICT in all lessons. We place a great deal of importance in ICT as a means of extending learning beyond the classroom and are continually seeking to develop this aspect of the provision. Pupils have access to ICT across the school. There are 5 dedicated ICT suites in addition to the wide range of ICT facilities on offer in the Learning Resource Centre.

Health and Sex Education / Addysg Rhyw a Iechyd

The school has a health, sex and relationship education policy that follows LEA guidelines and is delivered through PSE, Science and Religious Studies lessons. The policy covers all year groups across the school. Parents have the right to withdraw pupils from these lessons but should contact the Headteacher to discuss the matter.

Homework / Gwaith Cartref

At Bishop Gore we use homework to extend learning. All pupils receive a planner which includes a diary to record homework tasks and other important information. Parents are asked to sign the planner weekly and comment in it should they wish to communicate with school. Form tutors and Senior Staff check the planners regularly.

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