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A level Summer 2020 Results – UPDATE

On Wednesday 12th August, Welsh Government directed Qualifications Wales to pay due regard to Welsh Government’s new policy that A level learners should not receive a grade outcome in a subject in Summer 2020 that is lower than their corresponding AS level grade.

This rule is being introduced after the initial release of results by WJEC to schools and colleges. Therefore, learners receiving their A level grades should look at the grade awarded to see if it is the same, higher or lower than their AS level grade in that subject.

If the grade is lower it will be replaced with the same grade as that received for the AS level. An application for an appeal does not need to be submitted as schools and colleges will be informed of revised grades as soon as possible.


WJEC will use the standardised AS grades awarded to candidates in the June 2020 series to adjust A level grades.

In the initial run of updating grades, AS grades awarded by WJEC in the June 2018, June 2019 and June 2020 examination series will be used to identify each learner’s best AS grade in the qualification. Where a grade is found that is higher than that awarded to that candidate at A level in the June 2020 examination series, the A level grade will be replaced with the best AS grade achieved. These revised grades will be issued early next week by WJEC to schools and colleges.

If a candidate has a better AS grade from another exam board or another examination series, or the initial run does not identify an AS grade, candidates can appeal this via their school or college.


If necessary, learners wishing to progress to Higher Education should contact their prospective university to advise them of the change.  Universities will already be aware of the AS grades awarded as they will have been reported on the UCAS application form. Some learners may have taken AS units, but not made a request to ‘cash in’ for the AS level award. In these circumstances, WJEC will reissue the A level grade as though the AS had been cashed in.




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