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Update Regarding the Use of Face Coverings: 1st September 2020

The Welsh Government announced on Wednesday that it now recommends the use of face coverings/masks for people aged 11 and above indoors where social distancing cannot be maintained, including in schools and on school transport.

Pupils will therefore need to wear face coverings (3 layer) from Thursday 3rd September :
 on school transport and public transport
 in corridors
 in communal areas indoors

Face masks are not be required to be worn in classrooms or outdoor areas where pupils are within their ‘bubble’ although pupils may wear them if they wish.

As pupils will need to remove and replace their face covering throughout the day, please provide your child with a plastic bag to support them in maintaining this hygienically.

Guidance will be given in the induction sessions on the safe use, removal and storage of face coverings.

Pupils may be excused from wearing face masks where there is a medical / health reason not to do so. Parents should contact the relevant Head of House to discuss this in advance of the pupil attending school if this is the case.

Please be assured that the safety of the children in our care is, and will always be, our top priority. Your support in this matter is greatly appreciated.

*We do not intend to be prescriptive by disallowing masks with designs and logos, and thank our parent community for their efforts in providing these, however any that have a design or logo that may be considered offensive to others (and this judgement is at the discretion of the school) will not be permitted.

Helen Burgum


Bishop Gore School.

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