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We would like to remind you of our expectations regarding uniform, which you will find in the table below.  

Pupils ARE expected to wear correct uniform. 


Could we remind you that jeans (denim) and hoodies are not acceptable items of school uniform. School

jumpers and an appropriate coat is the expectation. The only jewellery permitted is one pair of stud earrings

and a wristwatch. Hair should be neat with no extreme styles or colouring. The correct PE kit is required for PE lessons.

 We would also like to reiterate that mobile phones are not permitted to be used on the school site and pupils should not have or use headphones.  

 Pupils are also required to bring their own:

  • ●Pencils (including coloured pencils)
  • ●Pen
  • ●Ruler
  • ●Eraser
  • ●Calculator
  • ●Pair of compasses
  • ●Protractor
  • ●Set Square
  • ●Sharpener

and a suitable school bag large enough for their pencil case and books required for the day.

Pupils WILL NOT be able to share/borrow equipment as per our COVID19 risk assessment.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in ensuring that pupils wear

the correct uniform as published in the school prospectus and for equipping pupils for their

learning. If you have any difficulties  in relation to our expectations, please contact your

House Team who will be able to help.

 Thank you

Bishop Gore Senior Team

Bishop Gore School.

Del-la-Beche Road / Sketty / Swansea / SA2 9AP 01792