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Bishop Gore School

Governing Body sub-committees


Finance & Premises sub-committee

Pupil Support sub-committee

Mrs S. Soul 


Mr S. Herrieven Parent
Mr A. Thomas  Community Vacancy Parent
Mr P. N. Stapleton  Community Mr S. Goodman Parent
Mrs L. G. Mitchell Community  Ms C Waller  LA
Ms C. Waller LA Mrs P. Erasmus LA
Cllr C. Philpott LA Mrs R Beynon Teacher
Cllr M Child  LA Mrs L. Mitchell Community
Miss A. Glass Associate Miss A Glass Associate
Mr E Rees Teacher Mrs H Burgum Headteacher
Mr W. Watson Parent  Mrs D Treharne Assistant Headteacher - Wellbeing
Mr S. Goodman Parent 
Mr S Herrieven Parent 
Mrs H Burgum Headteacher
Dr W Norris Assistant Headteacher - Learning Environment

Names in italic attend meetings with permission of the subcommittee involved

Bishop Gore School.

Del-la-Beche Road / Sketty / Swansea / SA2 9AP 01792