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Pastoral Organisation

Pupils are organised in Houses with each House having a Head and a Deputy Head of House. Each House has 12 vertically grouped tutor groups, with a tutor and a co-tutor. Nearly all members of staff both teaching and support staff, are involved with each House having representatives from a wide range of subject areas. Every tutor group has 2-4 pupils from each year group with no more than 22 pupils in each tutor group. Siblings will be in the same house but not the same tutor group. Pupils stay in their House and tutor group throughout their time at Bishop Gore School.


Vertical Tutoring

The pupils and staff are split into five Houses Tŷ Bracelet, Tŷ Caswell, Tŷ Langland, Tŷ Limeslade and Tŷ Rotherslade. Each house has a Head of House and a Deputy Head of House. 

During tutor time the pupils get to mix with other year groups in their tutor groups. A variety of interesting and exciting tutor group activities take place where pupils get involved in the delivery. Furthermore the pupils act as peer mentors for each other, helping everyone be organised and ready to learn. There is a House assembly once a fortnight in the Theatre: these are generally given by the Head of House.

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Bishop Gore School.

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